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Waterless Cookware

By: Peter Emerson

Waterless cooking is increasingly becoming a popular method of cooking. It has a number of advantages over conventional cooking. Ease of cooking, reduced time of cooking, ease of cleaning, and the taste of the cooked food are some of the reasons why their popularity is on the rise.

Waterless cookware aids in easy cooking and seems to take less time than conventional cooking. Since the heat is evenly distributed, burning or sticking is avoided. This results in the cookware being easier to clean. One need not use oil to prevent sticking in waterless cookware. And finally since the food gets cooked in its natural juices, the taste is always delicious and the food is also nutritious.

Waterless cookware is made of high grade stainless steel. This prevents the taste from the metal to leach into the food. Stainless steel is also easy to clean. Another thing with high grade stainless steel is that it does not require any coating like Teflon, which can get into food sometimes.

Another aspect of waterless cookware items is that their bottoms are machined flat. This enables more surface area to be in contact with the coils of an electric stove. This results in even distribution of heat. This even distribution prevents spots that can burn the food. Foods are cooked with their own natural juices in waterless cookware. This means that the vitamins and minerals are retained. Since vegetables already contain a large quantity of water, there is no need to add water in waterless cookware. Water is released from the vegetables on cooking and is turned into steam. The steam is contained in the pot with the use of a lid. The steam actually helps in the entire process of waterless cooking.

Once the steam is sufficient, a whistle notifies the cook, during which point you can turn off the heat. This way you tend to save energy and time too. One can find a number of online resources, which can equip you with the basics of waterless cookware. You can also find more about them from your friends or family members, who can give you valuable information on waterless cooking.

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