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Cookware Clean Up After A Party

By: James Brown -

Preparing a delicious meal for a party of 12 is a great accomplishment. Organized cooks can really enjoy preparing for a party. Its enjoyable to shop for foods for your guest. When you conduct your first taste test, you can envision the expression on your guest faces as they bite into your delicious duck with mandarin sauce. Imagine the expression on their faces as they bite into your home made cheese cake. You even took time to purchase the best cookware a cook can buy. But when the party is over, you are left with a kitchen full of cookware.

Smart cooks clean and store their cookware as soon as they are finished using it. When the party is over, they only have a few things to clean and store. Those cooks who do not fit in that category become discouraged when they see the pile of cookware. Some people go days without cleaning.

Make sure that you use the proper cleansing techniques for your cookware. Read the manufactures cleaning guidelines thoroughly. Using the incorrect cleansing techniques can cause bacteria buildup. It can even cause your food to taste funny. One of the most embarrassing moments is when a guest within your home tastes your food and they suddenly want to gag. They are not going to know that you didnt use the proper cleansing techniques. They are going to think that you are not a good cook. All the cookware in the world is not going save you in that moment. The following tips are techniques not to use when storing or cleaning your cookware:

1.) Dont place a pot filled with cooked food into the refrigerator. Not only is this not healthy, this will make it harder to clean once the food is complete. If you have leftovers in a pot, take time to store it in plastic containers or plastic Ziploc bags.

2.) Dont use your cookware for other purposes other than cooking. For example, dont use your new set of spatulas in place of an ice scraper for your car windshield during a snow storm. This will cause your spatula to become disfigured.

3.) Use your cookware for the proper use. Dont try to fry your bacon with a waffle iron. This could cause burns from the grease, not to mention a fire.

The number one thing to remember is to know when to purchase new cookware. A family air loom from the 1920s may not be the best cookware to use for your new dish.

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