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Berndes Cookware

By: Wendy Maxey

In 1921 a man named Heinrich Berndes started a cookware company in Arnsberg, Germany, with his wife, Sophie. Inspired by the joy of cooking, Berndes decided it was time for chefs the world over - both amateur and professional - to have nothing less than quality cookware. He took it upon himself to lead the way.

Today, the Berndes brand is known as a leader in innovative cookware. From its classic Tradition line to its sleek, new Tricion brand, Berndes is committed to pioneering the way of the future in an industry that's inundated with mass-produced products.

During the 1950s, the kitchen evolved into a focal point of the family. And because the economy was thriving and consumers were buying, cookware became a hot commodity. Berndes was there. Forever committed to functionality and practicality, Berndes began experimenting with nonstick solutions, an innovative effort that would change the market in the 1970s with the introduction of nonstick cast aluminum cookware.

Since its breakthrough in the 70s, the company has continued to trump others throughout the decades, leading the way in cooking trends. Berndes introduced the cooking world to color in the 90s with ColorCAST, spicing up the kitchen.

But, Berndes products aren't just about cool colors, the designs are efficient and practical for both amateur and professional chefs - even down to the handles and lids. The product brands go beyond simply cooking and represent family, tradition and timelessness. The Tradition brand has been a standard in the kitchen for 30 years. With nonstick cast aluminum, the cookware won't break, bubble or warp. And the cooking is evenly dispersed over the eye of the stove, meaning your food won't stick or burn - on gas, electric or ceramic stovetops. The Tradition line even boasts wooden handles that stay cool on the stovetop so that no potholders are necessary.

Other Berndes brands include Tricion, for the cook who appreciates a sophisticated style but relishes the high quality of stainless steel cookware, and SignoCAST, which features ergonomic phenolic handles that provide for safe and easy transport around the kitchen.

Berndes got it right, even down to the lids, which are made of a toughened glass with a stainless steel rim. The unique thing about Berndes lids is they are flat, allowing for stacking of pans in the oven. This is perfect for cooks with range cookers.

From cookware sets and saucepans to roasters and skillets, Berndes cookware is the best nonstick cookware on the market. And the company isn't stopping there. Berndes continues to lead the pack when it comes to functional, quality cookware.

Wendy Maxey is a freelance writer who lives in Virginia.

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